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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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went in october alone. >> claremont, warren, butler, ohio. >> you can't do my job. you do sean hannity's job. >> that's my job. all of the time we have left. >> this is a fox news alert governor mitt romney is speaking at a rally in new port news, virginia. let's listen. >> he calls it forward. i call it forewarned. (cheers and applause) >> the same course we have been on is not going to lead to a better destination. it means 20 trillion in debt passed on to our kids. it means tripled unemployment and take home pay it means deficit in military which we must not allow to happen.
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unless we change course we may be looking at another recession. now in his closing argument president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. i asked the american people instead to vote for love of country. >> together we are going to lead america to a better place and we are only two-days not three. we are only two-days away from a
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fresh start. two-days away from a new beginning. my conviction that better days are ahead are not based on promises or rhetoric but on solid plans and proven results. and an unshakeable faith in the american spirit. any one who is worried the last four years are the best we can do if there is any one who fairs the american dream is fading away, if there is any one who wonders if there are better jobs or better paychecks are things of the past i have a clear and unequivocal message with right leadership in america is about to come roaring back. rl we are americans we can do anything. the only thing that stands between us and some of the best years we have ever known is lack of leadership. we look into the future image
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what we can do put the past four years behind us and start building a new future. president owe bam maup and i were side by side during the debates. he says it has to be this way. i say it can't stay this way. he's offering excuses. i have got a plan. i can't wait to get started. he is hoping we settle. americans don't settle. we build, we aspire, we listen. >> that was candidate for republican ticket governor romney. let's briefly listen in in castle rock. >> out of revenge.
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we are asking for your vote out of love of country. that is what americans do. >> the way we are doing this is we believe we should not just give you vague platitude or run against the other guy we are giving you ideas. that's why we keep talking about our five point plan. the reason we keep talking about this five point plan is we believe we ought to respect our fellow citizens by giving you real solutions. we have so much energy in this state and country let's use that energy in this state and country get people back to work and get jobs. it is right in front of us. it is right here. for men and women struggling falling behind get the bureaucracy out of the way and if these are kids who are stuck
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in struggling schools in the inner city and the rural areas let parents take them out of that school and put them in a good school that works for them. we believe in education. >> we have governor romney back new port news, virginia. >> happened many years before american people will always rise to the occasion. something happened to the people. we have within our hearts a desire to live for something bigger than ourselves. our family, our faith. our community, our schools. our nation. this was at a boy scout court of honor. any boy scouters here? i was one of the leaders in the scouts i was seated up front at one of the formica tables there. we give out eagle scout awards
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to boys who learned them and other awards. i was at the end of the table next to the american flag. the scout master who was speak to go one of the boys was the scout master from monument, colorado. he described the fact that his boy scout troop wanted to have a very special american flag. they bought one. they had it flown above the capitol building. when it came home they called nassau and said we would like you to take our flag continued po put it on the space shuttle. nasa agreed. you can't image how proud the boys were to be able to watch the tv set in home rooms at school and see the shuttle challenger launch through the air and saw it explode on the tv screen. he said he saw nasa a couple weeks later and he said have you found any remnant of our flag. they hadn't. he kept calling week after week months after month. he finally gave up.
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one wday he was reading an article in the paper that described the debris. it mentioned a flag. he called he said we have a presentation to make to your boys. nasa came together the scout troop came together they said it was a plastic con taryn. the boys open it up and there was the flag in perfect condition. you know what? i reached over and crabbed it and pulled it out and it was as if electricity was running through my arm. i thought about the men and women in our space program and the fact that they willingly walk in harm's way out of a desire of learning and knowledge for us. they live for something bigger than themselves. think of the men and women in uniform there is no walking in harm's way for ourselves for freedom, our future.
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>> there is a verse in one of our national hymns that i love. america the beautiful. it begins by describing the beauty of our landscape. there is a verse that begins this way that touches me. oh beautiful for heros proved in liberating strife who more than self their country love and mercy more than life. what our veterans and the members of the armed services please raise your hands and be recognized? (cheers and applause) this this is a military state. do you know that? there are other people in our country who give themselves to different things that bripg them greater purpose and meaning. think about my sister. she is a hero in my view. a hero is defined not as sun who
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is larger than life but as someone who is larger then themself. my sister lynn is in her 70s. her husband passed away a few years ago. she has 8 children. 7 married with children of their own. the 8th child was born downed syndrome. he is now 43 years old. lynn de votes her life to making sure that jeffery has as full and abundant life as she can possibly have. she is a hero to me. think of all of the single moms across the country who are scraping and saving just to get by so they can have enough money for a good meal at the enof the day for their children. think of all of the dads and moms who are working two jobs so they can buy the clothes that their kids need so they don't stand out and look different than the other kids in school. think about the parents this christmas who won't be exchanging gifts with each other so they can have enough to give gifts to their children at
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christmastime. we are a generous people. we are a great people. this is a time when we need to have leaders that will call us together. i will do everything in my power to rebuild our principles of justice and faith. but i will also work to bring us together to bring the american people to a conviction that we are a great nation in part because we are so united. it is a challenge which i have for you. convince people that get behind a vote to join our team. one final push will get us there. i know we can make it happen. we are so very, very close. the door to a blightrighter fut it's there. it's open to us. it is waiting for us. i need your vote. i need your help. walk with me. let's walk together. let's start a nan new.
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america is coming back strong. we are going to need americans who can help with good jobs. thank you so much, you guys. virginia is the best. thank you so very much. thank you. >> owe bambina is heading to his event in colorado. senior advisor and pat buchanan. weigh in. >> that is an excellent closing speech for the campaign. >> they have a look for the winner. >> he was out there in ohio and 30,000 people. i see energy and fire and enthusiasm and a sense that we can win this thing in the romney campaign. the key question is, can that
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overcome what is superior ground game the president has always had and can it over come the state polls that you see in real clear politics state by state where they show him slightly behind. i don't know exactly how i would bet if i had to put everything on it. what did romney have to do? if he is from florida and virginia where he is now takes ohio and new hampshire 270 electoral votes. he loses ohio and takes pennsylvania which is more of an uphill he has more than 270 votes. he has ohio, wisconsin you are safe he still won. i think he's very much in this game. i know a lot of my colleagues are saying he's got it won. i think he's on a winning course. i don't know if he has it won. >> the ground team which is where we are. that's the most important foreground games. i had a series of e-mails with
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ralph read faith and freedom coalition. he told me he had governor palin with a robo call going through 12 million voters. how far is she from getting voters up. he described a major asset evangelical women, tea party voters social conserves and repeats she is a major asset. we have 183,000 live calls in ohio just wednesday. governor scott walker, senator marco rubio that is part of the ground game. tea party, evangelicals, social conservatives. they have tremendous clout with these groups. anecdotal thing on saturday. i am sitting in the basement,
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they didn't know wasn't i was. i said yes i am going to be at the polls. i talked to someone i am falling dc for ohio am there's lots of work and unthus yach-- enthusia. they say i think he is going to win by 5 or 6 i will settle for 270. >> president obama got more enthusiasm. it is what president bill clinton is on the trail. he is pulling off the crowds and playing the old theme music. >> they are nervous a little bit. he is following paul ryan.
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it says look this is a fire wall but may be about to bridge. look at the close of mitt romney. it was gracious, nice, uplifting. voting is the rest revenge. >> he changed it a little bit. that tells mesy remember in 2008 they out lived soon we are going to do it 6789 where is his enhsus. from gopt hill coin fon. he gets people laughing and talking. president obama doesn't have that fireness. >> heard president obama was a great speaker with the
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teleprompter. i think he was held by being up there in the disaster area. when he gets back on the road with rom peenesia he has the pu of the presidency and another candidate like someone in the primaries going against unanother. that dumb minute nishes the president. it interrupted if he got himself in that pulpit and squashed the benghazi thing for a week. i think he has been going to where he looked. >> it is 5shgs 6, 7 points. they have national polls right now. i always pay attention to ohio and colorado. do the goals mean anything? >> if mitt romney were to win
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for minnesota and and others he has a big wae going. remember those other states go into play. rasmussen they all have it "washington post" and down won the energy enthusiasm i have to make up for that. >> i can't image what these two men are going for. i have done the best i coulds in a great country. maybe we could >> i think they are both exhausted. we have another 36 hours to go. >> the romney campaign heads a sur vise. they say men's men's is in place? what do i noms think talk to themgic dick morris.
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>> on thursday night last week dick morris went on the record saying governor romney will win by a land slide. two-days out does he stand by
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his prediction or did it change? what do you think? >> we are going to win by a land slide. it will be twill be the biggest surprise in recent american political history. it will rekindle the whole question as to why the media played this race as a nail biter. i think romney will win quite a bit. he is going to carry 325 electoral votes. we have a map i think you can see them that i think he is going to win florida, virginia, north kierl line gnaw indiana these are states obama won last time. iowa, ohio, new hampshire, wednesday wednesd pennsylvania, wisconsin and minnesota and colorado. this is going to be a land lied.
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i base this not on intuition or smelling the tea leaves i base it on reading the polls. the exact polls that say obama is going to win. when you look at the polls and study them you take count of all of the facts you see how those polls are telling you romney will win in a land slide. pew research has a poll today that says obama will win 51-57. 50 to 47. 50 to 47. then you look at their sample. they have four points more democrats than republicans. gallup which has done the definitive study on party id in the last week with 4,000 interviews says 3 points more republicans than democrats. that poll is 7 points wrong. when it says romney is going to lose by 3 he is going to win by
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four. then on top of that in pugh's own data they say romney voters are 6-8 times more likely to vote than owe ban ma voters. that's another 3 points. add that on and you have romney winning by 7. the incumbent takes the 7-8 points undecided split it 2-1. you have romney winning by 8 or 9 points. in the same poll i don't see an obama victory. you drill down thinking these three things. the amble the undecided going against the incumbent. you get a true shape of what the election doesn't want to know. either you really write or you are off the would being r i have
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done this for a living there are people peopm on politics. but when you get down by a particle loef. i have been doing this for 40 years. i know how to read a poepoll. this is how you read the poll. this is what it says. you are going to see it on election day. >> you put pennsylvania as a win for governor romney. i think it is interesting, president clinton is headed there i think tomorrow. that would be a big surprise, would it not be? that would shock most people if pennsylvania went to the republicans? >> it wasn't gone president for president since 88.
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5 new republican congressman. is it wasn't a big of a surprise. the latest poll has it 47-47. you are looking at i believe a about five or $6 win. i think the out liar is michigan. i think his uaw stuff will help the president. they carry nevada. other than that i don't see him winning any of these states. >> we have 20 seconds left under your scenario governor romney can lose ohio and you will wind. 325. ohio was over rated. pennsylvania, questions questions and a good shot footbal we will be watching. i have this tape.
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a oo polling has president obama over romney. this will be a win score of governor romney he says. >> if somebody is really wrong and somebody is going to look like a genius on tuesday, and i think part of what is happening here and you see it in the two polls you talked about p-it is two different -- both campaigns have two different models turnout models they are looking at. that's why i agree. somebody is going to get 300
10:32 pm
electoral votes. i don't think it will be close. all of the twin states are so close if the romney model is right they are going to win all of these swing states. if they are wrong in the obama folks are right about the turnout model then obama is going to win florida and ohio and all of these swing states. i really believe that. i find for a lot of reasons what is interesting is people who have done this for a reading know how to read these thing. i look at them. i look at the same things dick morris and karl rove and others have looked at. i believe the obama turnout model will be different than on election day. i may be sitting here with egg
10:33 pm
on my face. >> off my rocker is the expression i used. >> exactly. i am saying right now for pens to be in place the romney model has to be in place. if that is true i don't understand what he is doing in virginia or going back to florida. these states should be in the bag in states like pennsylvania in play. here's what i think is going on. either both campaigns believe in their turnout model but fear the other one is right. if you believe your turnout model is right and believe you are going to win pennsylvania but you fear romney president clinton to rool lee the troops and play defense for you. the romney people are going to florida and virginia. they believe in their model they fear it might be the obama turnout model they play if they
10:34 pm
are fighting for states that are in the bag. i don't recall an election quite like it. one that is so in the air and so many people i respect who know how to read these things have come totally michael barone somebody i respect who is projecting 300 on the other side for romney. i disagree about them. they are going to disagree with me. >> there are basically two models what percentage democrats vote and what percentage democrats vote. if you look at 2008 the republicans say that's an anomaly. there's so much enthusiasm for president obama. they should look at a different model. two or four more accurate. is that the simplified version
10:35 pm
of this? >> if thwhat age groups things like that. if i look at the mix you believe that's what your turnout is going to be. the obama people knew from day one of what the model is supposed to look like what the romney people are looking at. they went out and set out to try to change that. they tried to register more people. they tried to early vote another people. add to romney people. there has been a fight going on to change the formation of the electorate so to speak by getting your voters there. both campaigns have been hammering in ohio to do that. both have done so very successfully and the romney people have done a better job than mccain did in 2008 visa vis the obama people. all of this is coming into play and the pollsters are looking on top of that.
10:36 pm
a younger electorate benefits obama. they are trying to turn out younger voters. are they going to be successful doing that? younger voters are less intense. romney thinks it will be lower. >> in other words hang on to your seats. we will find out on tuesday. i have to go, joe. thank you as always. >> thanks, greta. coming up, well the race is so close it could not be closer. are we headed for a possible recount or repeat of the 2000 election? we are here to talk about that. up next florida congressman allen west. the race is heated in the sunshine state. restaurant is ha, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable,
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>> in new jersey governor chris
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christie saying quote substantial progress has been made for restoring power in his state. there are now fewer than 1 million customers without power close to 3 million lost their electricity at the height of the storm. some schools are planning to reopen tomorrow. fuel shortages are still a big problem in new jersey and new york. a first full day is on the way in new jersey. the fut shortage is in new york. 27 percent of gas station by the energy department is by fuel for today. for the latest headlines log on to >> oo the fight for florida it is a flood fest. tampa bay times bay news 9
10:42 pm
leaves president obama 51 percent to 25 percent in florida. the college poll president obama is leading governor romney 49 percent to 47 percent. 8 point difference between the two polls. allen west joins us. we have two different polls that say two different things. tell me who is going to win and how do we know that? oo i believe the former poll which has governor romney 51 to 45 or 46. we finished the polling sites. we have visited a lot in northern part of palm beach county and saint luge shaw county. it is an incredible turnout. it is leaning toward the republican side in governor romney's favor. you see the enthuse naturals on
10:43 pm
that si -- enthusiasm on that as well. you have unemployment at 12 percent in saint lucia county. state of florida is the highest state of foreclosures in the united states of america. you continuously see the small businesses closing up not opening. the access of the capital is not flowing that is one of the unintended consequences and you have south florida jewish community not happy with the president as far as the state with israel. if you can drive by the turnpike and see obama oy vay or friends don't let friends get newt those are from viewish grass-roots organizations. that tells you this is an atmosphere not conducive to the president being successful. >> one piece of information as we sort through this is early
10:44 pm
voting for democrats is down three points. it is up two points with the republicans. t how is your race? i have two different polls for your race. i have one that is a commanding lead and one which is neck and neck. >> i would think you would definitely believe the one with the commanding lead. they all know that the polling they see with us having a good lead over our opponent we are talking about the issues talking about solving these issues as far as our small business owners talking about turning back the regular story environment. they are trying to put on the agriculture industry. make sure we are doing the right things with our beach cleaned up and also the everglades restorationstration project
10:45 pm
which is very important for natural resources and tourism we enjoy down here. we will be fine come election night. >> what can either candidate do between now and tuesday? anything at all? >> i think you pretty much saw on a determined cycle. nev everyone understands what is happening. there may be a few people out there who have niche issues that they are still holding out on. it is hard to find a person undecided. once again we go back to look at our gross domestic product. we are only producing 1.6 percent from the last quarter's report. the 2 percent number if you extract out the government that's where we are. we look at unemployment supposedly with the stimulus package we would be between 5.4 and 5.8 percent. you talk about median family income they like to talk about the middle class. the median family income they
10:46 pm
are down 4 percent naturally. the black community is down 11 percent. small businesses, families are being impacted adversely with all of these horrific policies. >> thank you, sir, we will be watching your race on tuesday. thank you, sir. up next our political panel are they headed for a recount?
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>> in florida monitor storm sandy facing poling changing. a woem raised for trying to vote twice. a man claiming he voted four times on facebook. the rice couldn't be tighter. how will requiring layerities impact the election? our political panel is in all across the country. ohio, new york, in washington. because you are in ohio, byron, i have to get your thoughts on ohio tonight. >> this came back from a rally the president obama held the university cincinnati campus. they got 50,000 people really enclues i can't say tick. i would have to say having gone to the mitt romney rally bigger one on friday night in the cincinnati area this one tonight it is hard to see any gap
10:51 pm
between the parties in terms of enthusiasm. >> voter irregularities are we going to have a problem? >> we have gotten off to an unfavorable start with some of the issues going on right now. there is always one state razor thin. doesn't happen to be critical in the election. if it is we are talking about a messy end game for all of this. a lot of issues around absentee ballots, ohio in particular things could last quite a twiel: it is good we cannage knock things on the front end before tuesday. >> in ohio the race if it is really close in ohio, ohio doesn't vote at expected 200,000 provisional ballots. if it's close we have to wait for those ballots to be counted, 10-days.
10:52 pm
both sides have millions of dollars ready they have recount funds for legal expenses and hundreds of lawyers. >> you know what i think is apauling the state of florida some people have waited 7 hours to do early voting. i thi i think if you are going to create an early voting system if you make them wait 7 hours you are almost taking away the right to vote. >> if you wait 10 minutes for a sub you get annoyed 7 hours. >> i am voting the other day and took me about 30 minutes. that seemed like a long time. early voting is an option that is out there for people. people still have election day out there. it is purple commuterrible comm under staffed. if you offer early voting make it so people could vote in a prompt amount of time. >> many can't accofford to trav
10:53 pm
and get off work again. you need to make it so that it is really available. >> at the broad question there were two separate mentions of the thakt that florida in 2000 decided by 537 votes. they are expecting you are right all of our legal teams is ready to go. >> we should be on election day. the clinical pressure on one side that would play a luj role. the public is going to want it. stand by. up next if you are governor romney or president obama who smud you pick for the next cabinet. so
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10:58 pm
>> tell me who you would think would be interesting for either candidate to pick? >> i think if you want to have fun with your secretary of commerce super size it and make it a secretary of business like he is talking about. put colin powell in the cabinet. bring immediate celebrity immediate test. on the other side like the idea of taking rudy giuliani and making him attorney general. they have had a pesz cany relationship. you know he would be a feisty person. >> if mitt romney becomes president and does it by winning ohio he is going to owe rob portman everything. they should find some sort of place for newt gingrich. he remains one of the most interesting ideas, guys. if president obama wins a second term he is not going to run again.
10:59 pm
there is a big field coming up from republicans in 2016. take some of those off of the table. perhaps marco rubio for some prominent spot. >> i think the country is dying for some problem solver. whoever is president can't pick the token member of the other party. have one in the cabinet. romney and obama should think of independent minded people. a retiring house member those types of people that will show big problems are to be solved. >> if president obama is elected i think he should pick perhaps governor romney to be secretary of commerce. governor romney scott brown for attorney general because i think he will get beater in massachusetts. thank you. thank you for being with us tonight. see you again tomorrow night


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